About Us

Higher Education Institutions who are genuinely interested in expanding
their international cooperation going beyond the basic types of exchanges.

An Avant-Garde Network of Higher Education Institutions

The IIE Consortium is a pool of 25+ prestigious higher education institutions across the Globe coming together to enhance international academic cooperation to the next level. A pool programs are made available for members where students benefit from it from each institutions' initiative. Unique initiatives includes global co-diplomation programs, inter-institutional scientific seminars and professor's mobility.

In addition to IIE (Brazil), the newtork counts with important regional partnerships such as the Consortium of Danish Business Schools - Univ (DK), the International Institute (FRA), the Bricolage Foundation (IND), IPMA (selected country's office), IPMO Global, etc.

According to the British Council, Universities that incorporate hybrid and integrated models, with professional and qualified partnerships, will benefit the most from their students with the best internationalisation opportunities and access to the most advanced knowledge in the coming decades.

There are no membership fees to join; however, to join is by invitation only. Each institution to remain as part of the newtwork has to conduct and engage with another member in at least one international cooperation project (research, joint-lectures, events, programs, etc.).