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    International Business & Marketing

MSc. in International Business & Marketing

You have the opportunity to go through a unique experience taking the European Professional Master of International Business and Marketing from the Université d'Angers .

Program Differentials


International, with local seminars

Part of the program takes place in Brazil, with foreign teachers coming, and a month in Europe, in the city of Angers.


Adapted to one's own professional life

Local seminars usually take place on monthly weekends and/or long weekends.


"Fast-Track" in France

You will spend about 3-4 weeks in an intensive set of lectures and seminars in France at the University of Angers.


In English

Seminars are taught 100% in English. The thesis dissertation as well as its defence are also done in English.

An International Professional Master's degree that offers an unparalleled international experience knowledge.


The University of Angers

Université de Angers is located in the city of Angers,
in the heart of France, and just two hours from Paris,
in an environment exceptionally rich in history,
culture and heritage. And it is also a place famous
for its wines, castles and a dynamic university and
student life. .

Over 600 years old, this is one of the oldest
Universities in Europe. Angers' College of Higher
Education officially became a university in 1337.

Today, it has more than 400 programs and about 22,000
students on one of Europe's largest campuses.

Although it is almost 700 years old, the facilities
at Angers University are modern and help create a
pleasurable learning experience.

The College is just a few minutes' walking
distance from the city and 15 minutes by subway
from the train station.


IAE - Université d'Angers

School of Management

The Management School (IAE) and the University of Angers College of Entrepreneurship, Economics and Law have more than 3,000 students.

Each student has the opportunity to take an individualized approach to their study.
The University is one of the most dynamic in Europe.

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InterDisciplinary Skills

  • International Project Management
  • International Consulting projects
  • International Negotiation
  • International Communication

Special Seminars (optional)

Excellence in Project Management                                                          

The dual program has exclusive modules for Excellence in Project Management, with seminars by the + Business Chair of the University of Paris Foundation.                                                          

They provide advanced knowledge of sustainable project conduction that allows the student to gain a professional and organizational efficiency.

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  • Project Management - Mega Projects

  • Professionals present the methodology oriented to mega projects, with application of cases that create skills and abilities to verify, understand and act under the various phases of an investment project.

  • Governance and Project Portfolio Management

  • How to deploy the organization's strategy to implement and deliver projects. This course goes through every step of strategy definition, how to develop policies and overcome challenges and monitor projects with a view to delivering value to the organizational strategy.

  • Integrated Projects

  • It aims to give a general overview of the lifecycle of a project, integrating the strategy, people and tools needed for the planning, execution, monitoring and final delivery to the customer of his project, with sponsor satisfaction guaranteed.

  • Complex Negotiations

  • Learn how to collaborate more effectively in negotiations that involve risk, potentially create more conflicts, and increase behavior barriers to always negotiate from an optimal position.

Step 1

Local Seminars

You have a series of seminars in Brazil during the academic year with Brazilian and foreign teachers. The international classes are in English, given by Angers University professors who come to teach in Brazil.

Step 2

"Fast-Track" in Europe

All Master's students follow the Fast-Track at Angers University for a period of 3-4 weeks, a series of intensive seminars and in Europe. All modules are in English.

Step 3

Step 4


Upon the successful completion of the program, you will get your European Master's Degree Diploma a few months later.

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Fast-Track format in Europe

In the "Fast-Track" Masters format, all courses are in English and take place over a period of six weeks, with a series of intensive seminars.                                                          

To successfully complete the program, in addition to participating in the seminars, students must submit a Professional Master Thesis.

Required Documents

Curriculum Vitae

Your CV (in English).


Copy of valid passport.


Bachelor's diploma.


Photo ID with white background.

Enrolment forms

You may be required throughout the program to fill out enrolment forms (online and print).

Post-Graduate Transcripts

Your transcript with topics and marks from the Post-Graduate program.

English Proficiency Test

Once accepted, you have 6 months to undergo your English Proficiency Test (TOEIC)


You need to provide a Civil Liability Insurance with the minimum requirements requested by the European Union.

Application Steps

The first step is to send your CV by email and you will be contacted for scheduling an interview.

Please send an email to: contact@iie.global

You will be invited to sign the contract and submit your documents.

Next batch

Christian Pouillaude

Former RENAULT Marketing Director



Is this a University of Angers Diploma?
Yes, this is an Official European Master's Degree, from the University of Angers, Higher Education Institution of the French Republic.
Where can I stay in Angers?
Most international students coming for a short stay at the University find accommodation on sites such as AirBnb (www.airbnb.com), which offers several options, usually located in or around the city center. Some, however, choose to rent a particular location, or find a more suitable hotel for their stay.
How far is Angers from Paris?
Angers is just two hours by train from Paris. The Business College is just 15 minutes by subway from the train station and a five-minute walk from the city center.
Do you offer any kind of scholarship?
No. English programs are not subsidized by the French state.
Do I need to be fluent in English?
Yes. All courses are taught by Angers English teachers.
Do I need to provide any proof of English proficiency?
Yes. A TOEIC certificate with a minimum of 785 points is required.
Are the Zoom meetings recorded?
Meetings can be recorded at the discretion of each professor. The presence at the meetings are mandatory and such resource can be used only as a secondary option and also subject to technical availability.
Is there a coffee shop at the university?
Yes. They have a students' cafeteria and restaurant where you can have lunch (approx. €4 a meal with starter, main course and dessert). Light meals and snacks are also available.