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MSc. in Finance

You have the opportunity to go through a unique experience taking the Masters in Finance at one of the most renowned institutions in the world, the Sorbonne Business School, 1st in the French ranking, and with the greatest experience in the world in training executives, bringing a high level of knowledge of financial instruments.

The professionals trained by the Sorbonne Business School are renowned for having solid know-how in the financial management of organizations and with advanced capacity to conduct asset assessment and risk management, as well as understanding how to better interact with the different mechanisms of the system within different scenarios of economic evolution.

The requirements of the program are high as it goes beyond the main financial concepts. The instrumentation part, applicable, in order to have an organizational sustainability includes the mastery of tools and methods of quantitative financial and capital markets (quantitative analyst, market operator, risk control, portfolio management), knowledge of the financial system and management of banks, risks and insurance.

The program includes a perfect optimization for the student in Brazil who wants to have an education in the international elite.



Connected with the World

A unique opportunity to have exceptional professors and acquire knowledge of excellence and differentiated network in a select group of Masters.



Local seminars generally take place on monthly weekends and/or long weekends.



You will spend about 2 weeks in an intensive ensemble in France, at the University of Paris.


In English

The seminars are taught 100% in English. The thesis dissertation as well as its defense are also done in English.

An International Professional Master's Degree that provides experience unrivaled experience. knowledge.

NOTE: For Cohort 02, LATIN AMERICA BATCH, meetings will be in Rio de Janeiro. The forecast for the logistical support of the program by IBMEC should take place again at Cohort 03.

Universities of Paris

Created in 1150, the Sorbonne has more than eight centuries of tradition and through it there were changes and evolutions important that allows us to live in today's world. The University of Paris is the largest group of Institutions of Higher Education of the French Government grouping 13 units.

With over 60 Nobel Prize winners, the University of Paris is among the world's elite and has contributed over time to foster and spread knowledge scientific excellence.

It is the leading institution in the world that over time spread the human fundamentals that contributed to have individual freedoms, equality between people on the planet, and institutional balance.

The total number of professors at the University of Paris is greater than 8,000, thus having the highest number of professors among the Universities of Excellence in the world.


Université de Paris

Sorbonne Business School

The Sorbonne Business School (SBS is one of the most reputable and exclusive business schools in Europe. While the University of Paris as a whole has some 225,000 students, SBS has around 1,200 students).

The limited number in the groups allows a single contact, close with the professors, rare today in most of the most prestigious Universities in the world.

The fruits are consequent. The Masters is the #1 in France and the Business School is surrounded by several star-ups of graduates. The SBS is one of the most dynamic Management Schools in Europe.

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Financial Environment

  • Economic and Financial Environment of the Company
  • Legal, Fiscal and Financial Engineering


  • Accounting & Financial Information
  • Advanced Financial Analysis
  • Financial Policy
  • Asset Management
  • Bank Relationship Management
  • Financial Risk Management

You are the Master

Making your expertise academic excellence!

If the Sorbonne Masters enables professionals to be even more qualified with advanced knowledge shared by professors and professionals, it is also an unprecedented opportunity for Master's students to bring and produce knowledge, techniques, innovative and transformative practices.

Unlike most Masters in Brazil where the Masters student follows the line of research of one of the professors to be accepted and follow the program, here, the professors are advisors to raise their most advanced knowledge in their area of interest and expertise.

The objective is that, in conducting the Masters, at the end, you will be the expert egress from the Sorbonne in the area in which you stand out as a professional. It is a rare path in the academic world, possible only in one of the most important universities in the world. An opportunity to be the leader of your path, of your knowledge.

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Step 1

Local Seminars

Vou have a series of seminars in brazil throughout the academic year with brazilian and foreign professors. International classes are in English, including with professors from the University of Paris who come to teach in Brazil.

Step 2

"Fast-Track" in Europe

Tall Masters follow the "Fast-Track" at the University of Paris, for a period of 2 weeks at the Sorbonne. All modules are in English.

Step 3


Your research Thesis.

Step 4


By successfully completing the program you will earn your Master Degree.

Required Documents

Curriculum Vitae

Your CV English.


Copy of valid passport.


Bachelors diploma and MBA or MSc.


Photo ID (3x4) with white background.

Enrolment forms

You may required along the program to fill out enrolment forms (online and print).

Post-Graduate Transcripts

Your transcript with topics and marks from the Post-Graduate program.

English proficiency test

You may be required to provide you English Proficiency Test.


You need to provide a Civil Liability Insurance with the minimum requirements requested by the European Union.

Application Steps

The first step is to send your CV by email and you will be contacted for scheduling an interview.

Please send an email to: contato@instituto-internacional.org

You will be invited to sign the contract and submit your documents.