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    International Master

    Communication and Marketing for Health Care Management Organisations  


In order to train professionals of excellence, the Sorbonne Graduate Business School, through the International Consortium of Universities, brings to you an international Master's program in Marketing and Health Management from one of the most important institutions in the world: the University of Paris. The program includes a perfect optimization for the manager of a health institution who wants to have the excellency in international training. Discover all the advantages and potentialities in this innovative and unique international program prepared for you!

The professionals trained by the Sorbonne Business School are reputed to have solid know-how in the management of Health Care Organisations, being the best in Europe, with advanced capacity to lead their organisation to be achieve the highest standards and adapt within different scenarios of the Health Sector's evolution. 

The program requirements are high as it goes beyond core Health Management concepts: it uses marketing and communication advanced knowledge as an instrumental part to promote practical or sustainable organisational changes on the Health Care sector benefiting patients, Health Care professionals and the Organisation itself. The program includes a perfect optimization for the professional who wants to gain knowledge from an international elite of professors and professionals. 



World Excellence

Meet and learn from a World's expert team of experieced professors and professionals.


Adapted to one's professional life

With 4 international presential immersions (2-3) days in a 1.5 year spam + Zoom sessions .


Immersion at the Sorbonne

There is a two weeks Fast-Track immersion in the city of Pairs at the Sorbonne Business School University of Paris' premisses.


In English

The Masters is 100% in English. A French version of the program is also available for those who are fluent in French.

An International Professional Master that provides unequaled experience knowledge

2023 Cohort Application will start soon.

University of Paris

Built in 1150, the Sorbonne has more than eight centuries
of tradition and through it changes and evolutions took place
that allow us to live in today's world.
The University of Paris is the largest group of institutions of
Higher Education of the French Government grouping 13 units.

It is the leading institution in the world that through time
spread the human foundations that contributed
to have individual liberties, equality between
people on the planet, and institutional balance.

The total number of professors at the University of Paris
is over 8,000, thus having the largest number of
professors among the universities of excellence
in the world.


Université de Paris

Sorbonne Business School

The Sorbonne Business School (SBS is one of the most renowned and exclusive business schools in Europe. While the University of Paris as a whole has around 225,000 students, SBS has around 1,200 students.

The limited number in the groups allows a unique contact, close as the professors, rare nowadays in most of the most prestigious Universities in the world.

The fruits are consequent. The Master is the #1 in France and the Business School has the biggest HCO network. The University is one of five most prestigious in the World.

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Specific Competencies

  • Strategic marketing and branding
  • Technical and operational approaches to marketing
  • Advanced Communication strategies
  • Communication techniques and digital communication

Transversal Compentencies

  • Management and leadership in the Healthcare
  • Market Knowledge
  • Ethical and legal environment for health management

MSc IlE Sorbonne-2023 by iieiie

Becoming an expert

Briging the best out of each professional

If the Sorbonne Master's degree allows training professionals to be even more qualified with advanced knowledge shared by professors and professionals, it is also an unprecedented opportunity for Master's students to bring and produce knowledge, techniques, innovative and transformative practices.

Unlike most Masters around the globle, where the student follows the line of research of one of the professors at the Sorbonne the professors are advisors to raise their most advanced knowledge in their area of interest and expertise.

The objective is that, in conducting the Master's, at the end, you will be the expert graduated from the Sorbonne in the area in which you stand out as a professional. It is a rare path in the academic world, possible only in one of the most important universities in the world. An opportunity to be the leader of your path, of your knowledge.

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Step 1

International Seminars

Four presential immersions - 2-3 weekend days.

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4


Upon successful completion of the program you will receive 8 your Master's Degree from the Sorbonne.

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Adataped for busy professionals: 2 weeks with Fast-Track Seminars at the Sorbonne

For the International Masters Cohort, it is mandatory to have a face-to-face seminars throughout the year and 2 intensive weeks in Paris.

The program thus allows for a better adaptation to professional, personal and family commitments.

Required Documents

Curriculum Vitae

Your CV English.


Copy of valid ID/passport.


Bachelors diploma + MBA or MSc.


Photo ID with white background.

Enrolment forms

You may required along the program to fill out enrolment forms (online and print).

English proficiency test

You may be required to provide you English Proficiency Test if you are not native from an Englsih speaking country.


You need to provide a Civil Liability Insurance with the minimum requirements requested by the European Union.

Application Steps

The first step is to send your CV by email and you will be contacted for scheduling an interview.

Please send an email to: contact@iie.global

You will be invited to sign the contract and submit your documents.


Limited seats

INVESTMENT: € 16,500

or R$ 134.500 (BRL)


Is this a University of Paris Diploma?
Yes, this is an Official European Master's Degree, by the Sorbonne of the University of Paris, Higher Education Institution of the French Republic.
Where can I stay in Paris?
Most international students who come for a short stay at the University find accommodation on sites like AirBnb (www.airbnb.com), which offers a variety of apart-hotel options, usually located in or around the Sorbonne Business School. Some, however, choose to rent a private location, or find a hotel more suitable for their stay.
Where is the Sorbonne Business School in Paris?
The Sorbonne Business School is located in the eastern part of Paris. The University of Paris does not have a centralized Campus like most Anglo-Saxon Universities. Because it is very old, there are numerous sites throughout Paris.
Do you offer scholarships?
No. The program is already being partially subsidized by the French state.
Do I need to apply for a French Student Visa?
Since with this international program you will only stay two weeks in France, it is not needed, unlees you plan to extend your stay in France over 90 days.
Are the Zoom meetings recorded?
Yes, however we cannot guarantee to have all meetings recorded if in the middle of a seminar technical challenges with Zoom occur.