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Master Degree in Business Administration

You have the opportunity to get exceptional knowledge doing a the Professional Post-Graduate Programa in Management (PGPM-X) | Master in Business Administration from the School of Management from the University of Bordeaux. With the IIE Consortium of Universities you can participate, through credit optimization, in a unique tailor-made program with hybrid classes along the year, both locally and abroad, with a 1 month immersion at the University of Bordeaux, in English or Spanish in an exceptional environment.

A World-Class Master Program


A prestigious University

The University of Bordeaux has been, throughout history, one of the oldest and most important European Universities.


Problem-Solving Oriented

This is a Professional Master which focuses on real management issues, with results and practical knowledge.


Local courses and Fast-Track in France

You have courses in your home country or region and Fast-Track seminars in Bordeaux.


In English

The program is done 100% in English with experienced professors. All professors have vast international experience.

One of the best European Master program.

The University of Bordeaux School of Business (IAE) offers a unique Master program in Business Administration. A program that has been designed for professionals and executives that touches on real business issues, enabling participants to be more skilled in order to make sound business and managerial decisions.

International Master in Business Degree

Fast-Track in Bordeaux and seminars in selected cities around the world.

The program of Bordeaux is taught through out the IIE PGM-X program and Consortium of Universities partners.

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Program Structure

  • Local / hybrid meetings

  • During the academic year, there is a series of hybrid meetings, occurring usually on Saturdays or Sundays online (Zoom) and also presential session so you can also have presential session and meet face to face with your colleagues and professors.

  • Fast-Track in Bordeaux -1 month

  • There is a 4 weeks immersion at the University of Bordeaux with Fast-Track sessions of the Master Program. In addition to the lectures it is an opportunity to experience the University and a city renowned for its amazing quality of life.

Program Content

Program content is subject to change as this is a Official State Degree which is also revised and updated every four years.

Official European Master Degree - 120 ECT. M2 Detail: UE 1.1.1 : European Economic Environment II, UE 1.1.2 : Business Law, UE 1.1.3 : Organizational Behavior II, UE 1.1.4 : Financial Statements Analysis, UE 1.1.5 : Financial Accounting, UE 1.1.6 : International Marketing, UE 1.1.7 : Financial Markets, UE 1.1.8 : Business French Firms dispensé, UE 1.1.9 : Decision-Making and Corporate Finance, UE 2.1.1 : Cost Accounting and Management Control, UE 2.1.2 : Investment and Portfolio Management, UE 2.1.3 : Risk Management, UE 2.1.4 : Business and Strategic Policy, UE 2.1.5 : Information and Project Management, UE 2.1.6: Business Game, UE 2.1.7 : Operations and Logistics Management.

Course Description by iieiie

A unique Master program connected with the World.

The University of Bordeaux

Ranked among the top universities in Europe, the University
of Bordeaux is recognized for the quality of its academic
research and courses.

Founded in 1441, the University of Bordeaux is home to
over 50,000 students and almost 6,000 staff.

The University also has the second largest campus in


IAE Bordeaux

Bordeaux Management School

The Bordeaux Management School, which is part of the IAE (425,000 graduates since 1955), is the Business School of the University of Bordeaux. The Business School has over 50 full-time teachers, 39 researchers and over 300 professionals.

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A program with small group size to ensure maximum quality.

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When can I apply?

You can apply at any time. However, seats are limited since the Master program is formed by a small group of professionals to ensure the quality of the program.

1st Step: Send your CV

The first step is to submit your CV. You will be contacted for an interview.

Application 2023

Limited seats. 

Required Documents

Curriculum Vitae

Your CV (in English).


Copy of valid passport.


Bachelor's diploma.


Photo ID with white background.

Enrolment forms

You may be required throughout the program to fill out enrolment forms (online and print).

Post-Graduate Transcripts

Your transcript with topics and marks from the Post-Graduate program.

Application Steps

The first step is to send your CV by email and you will be contacted for scheduling an interview.

Please send an email to: contact@iie.global

You will be invited to enrol and submit your documents.


Is the Diploma from the University of Bordeaux?
Yes, the Diploma is from the University of Bordeaux.
When can I apply?
Applications can be submitted at any time. Typically, groups are formed once or twice a year (depending on location).
Can I get a refund?
Yes, for the first 10 days. Since the program is formed by a small group, to ensure the program quality, with fixed costs, there will be no refund after that. If a student decides to withdraw, any remaining fee cannot be refunded or waived once program costs have already been incurred.

At the end of the first year a Dissertation Project is expected and in case of failure the program amount is still due.
How distant is Bordeaux from Paris?
About 1 hour by plane and about 2 hours by Train.
What is included in the cost?
The program itself. All other costs are not included.
Do I need to present a thesis?
Yes, This is an official state owned Master Degree and a dissertation thesis defense, in addition to be approved in all courses, is mandatory to obtain the diploma

Do I need to speak English fluently?
Yes, since all seminars and activities are in English. Unless if yuo are doing the Spanish track.
Do I need a student type visa?
No. If your citizenship requires a visa or special form entry type of validation, since this is a one-month fast-track type event, you are not required to own a French visa.
Do I need previous work experience?
Yes. Since the Masters program focuses on practical management topics of executive decision making, relevant work experience of 5 to 10 years is required.
Are the Zoom meetings recorded?
Meetings can be recorded at the discretion of each professor. The presence at the meetings are mandatory and such resource can be used only as a secondary option and also subject to technical availability.